I don’t want to say I was right, but….

So woke up fairly on time and got on with it. Doing tools programming again. I’ve got quite a bit of it to work now, well, it draws stuff and doesn’t crash. It doesn’t draw what it’s supposed to but never mind. Walked Dillon, weather he wanted to or not. Walked Sasha. Went to Combat, it was Nick again, his timing is still out. Ate salad. Lots of salad.

Now the Alton Towers situation. I seem to remember saying it would have quiet ‘re-opening’ and ‘The Smiler’ would be all cordoned off. Well, it opened again today, with the whole of the ‘x sector’ cordoned off. ‘The Smiler’ isn’t covered, but I believe HSE is still examining it. There were five serious injuries reported and one girl has had her leg amputated. Alton Towers has admitted full liability (I’m sure that will please their insurance company) and will pay compensation. My money is still on ‘The Smiler’ never opening again.

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