Eye for an eye, Tooth for a tooth and a leg for Harry Styles

So spent the day working on tools again. Fairly successfully, I’m sure it will piss a few artists off, but that was probably intended. Walked Dillon, he’s getting better, almost to the point that he may have enjoyed it. Walked Sasha, she was upset that it wasn’t as long as normal, but the lunch hour remains the same, they have to share. Went out this evening, supposedly doing Geocahcing, parked up for the first one and got that. Then ended up walking a lot and getting nowhere. Drove all over the place and managed to get two more. Need to plan better really. Eaton too many sweets, and I really don’t eat sweets. I think Jamie wants sex, he’s shaved his bits and everything. I’m reading a good book at the moment.

Now ‘One Direction’ have said they will meet with the poor girl who had her leg chopped off. Which is very nice. But you can now just see countless teenage brats saying a knee for Neil, a toe for Liam or dare I say it, a leg for Louis. It would have been nice if they met her and kept quiet about it, rather than announce it, seems a bit of a publicity stunt.

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