How do you stop Lorraine becoming a quiche?

Woke up at 8:30, far too early. Had another try and woke up at 10:30, much better. Breakfast for three. Two coffees . Bleached teeth. Walked Sasha for an hour. It was a beautiful day. Came back and dug Jamie out of bed, we took the dogs to the field, so Sasha had an extra surprise hour of running around. Came back and then drove to Weston. MIL sewed the dodgy button on my trousers, top marks. I was amazed by the garden, how much love and attention can be paid to whats actually quite a small plot. Considering what a complete shit hole mine looks like. Food was much appreciated, a good selection of protein rich meats and poultry with sufficient carbs. She is a tad obsessed about our safety in Turkey though. I’m not entirely sure if she’s more concerned with us joining Islamic State, or being mugged by them. I’m sure what they are really after are a couple of fading homosexuals. As for being mugged, Antalya is almost exclusively Russian, you really don’t want to fuck with them. It’s well over a 1,000 kilometres from Antalya to Syria. To put that into context it’s 3,000 kilometres between Bristol and Moscow, and the Ruskies have nukes….It’s also 600 kilometres from Bristol to Edinburgh, I’d fear more being mugged by a pissed Scotsman. Yes, I will venture out of the hotel, I usually go running around these places and have a bit of an explore. You really can’t go around being in fear all the time or you wouldn’t do anything. To be honest I’m feeling a little bit sorry for the Turk’s. Apart from agriculture, their major income is from tourism. They have fantastic weather, great hospitality and beautiful hotels, even if they are all owned by the Russians. All this isis stuff is really hitting them hard. Still, I’m sure it will be very uneventful and we’ll have a great time. Jamie is already planning next years holiday. Maybe by then he would have done some washing.

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