Do you think dogs are born knowing what a dog bed is?

So woke up fairly early. Well it was about half eight. So got up and made breakfast for three. Then I read the paper. Then I subjected Jamie to a mini-rave from my iPad, now thanks to Apple Music, which consisted of every possible tune I hated, including St. Winifred’s School Choir and Clive Dunn. Still, we ‘raised the roof’ at the end of it, with ‘Insomnia’, by Faithless, which is one thing Jamie was no longer suffering from. Walked the dogs. Had a light lunch and then we ventured into town to do what good gays do, go shopping. Bought a nice long sleeved shirt, to go with my shot sleeved one, socks, beech shoes. And finally we ended up in Superdry, where I could near enough buy the whole store, in medium, mainly because their small is designed for small Japanese embryos. Came home and went for a run. Did the accounts. Decided I’m poor. In the bit of a mood for a film, lets see what Amazon has. One thing that puzzled me and there are two dog beds on the landing, each one containing exactly one dog, yet they’ve never been formally introduced, how do they know they are dog beds?

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