And then I cooked and much food was devoured

So work was a pain in the ass. I basically had two bugs which turned out to be unrelated. One was a complete pain to track down. I ended up going round and round in circles until a simple mistake was found. The other one just turned out to be a typo. So now all the shaders are at a stage where they do what they did before, but in a much more friendlier way. Walked Sahsa, Jamie walked Dillon, badly. More work. Jamie’s family arrived just as I was going out for a run, so cut it a bit short, but didn’t want to deal with the initial dog interaction. Came back and got on with the cooking. I did almost a kilo of chicken and five bags of rice. The whole lot was devoured with no complaints in about five minutes. Jamie made pudding. I caught up with the Grand Prix’s. Tomorrow I have some more bug tracing to do.

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