Got my second ‘First to find’

Work was once again fairly uninteresting. Jamie apologised for his behaviour. He did have a bit of a headache and hasn’t left the house at all today. We were meant to be getting out hair cut today, but the woman ended up pissing us about, so I’ve booked myself in for first thing Thursday morning up the road. Walked Sasha, Jamie took Dillon out later, ah he did leave the house. I had an email notification in about a new cache 0.8 miles away, I got there in 18 minutes from being published, that’s my second ‘first to find’, so quite pleased with that one. Went out and ran for an hour and a half. Ate salad. Think I’m going to turn in with a large glass of wine, I’ve got an early start tomorrow as I’m off to the dentist again.

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