Can I ask you a question? No, you can fuck off

So started at 7:30AM, drove to the dentist just after ten. Appointment was at 11. He had a good look at my teeth and was pleased with the whitening progress. I did explain that it was over 30 2.5 hour sessions. So looking at the front, the resin filler wasn’t required. He instead used a diamond cut polish across the front so the bleach and cut in a bit more. It’s got the remaining brown off the top of those anyway. He’s also replaced another amalgam. Actually completely rebuilt the side of it using resin. I’ll end up with more resin in my gob than the whole of Disney. Came back and had lunch, then did another whitening session. Eventually walked the dogs. Sasha was fine. Took Dillon round and made the bad mistake of bumping into the old codger with the greyhound. The dog is fine. He’s a pain in the ass. Starts off with ‘those road works have been there two weeks now and they’ve done fuck all’. Followed by ‘now can I ask a question? We are paying for all this, and all they’ve done is put some cones out’. I failed to get the question. He then moved on to street lamps, I wish he’d strung himself up on one. ‘They are going to replace them all with these LED ones’. ‘Can I ask you a question? How much are they actually going to save?’. Well at least I got a question that time, if not a very interesting one. Apparently they aren’t very reliable. A shame his pacemaker isn’t suffering the same fate. After a briefing that the council ordered 6,000 head units for said lampposts from Canada and 6,000 failed within six months. He then moved on to Syrian refugees. Probably the less said about that the better, but one things for certain, he isn’t going to stand at Dover welcoming them all in with gifts. About three times I said I had to go. In the end I just said ‘Bye for now’, turned and walked away. He was rabbiting about the war. I felt sorry for the greyhound, he’s 13 and had to put up with this drivel everyday of his life. Did some more work. Went for a run. Had shower and ate salad. Now I’m going to drink wine then go to bed. Hair cut tomorrow.

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