Blinded by the obvious, I was right then

Got up far too early for the blind man. Not a piano tuner but a man to measure for blinds. Now I must of made a good job of sorting the owners laptop out as the price was considerably cheap, well compared to the bathroom roller blinds anyway. So they are ordered. I’ve delayed the fitting for a couple of weekends to give me a chance to finish off everything in the bay. Then spent most of the day truing to get better precision in a floating bit render target, managed a bit, but to be honest it isn’t worth the aggro, what you gain in one place you easily lose in another. I may just introduce a bit of noise in the sampling to break it up a bit. Then the news came out that the Smiler accident at Alton Towers was a ‘human error’. Someone overrode the emergency system. Go back in the blog and find it, yep, that’s what I said all those months ago. The ride is opening again next year. Went for a run. Transferred the Chenin Blanc. Started touching up the skirting boards.

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