Band in the sky

So started this morning trying to speak to the tools department, he then grabbed a coffee and decided that he had something better to do, so I looked at a great bugbear of ours, sky banding. Now the source textures are all 32 bit float in gamma 2.2. So if you de-gamma them and look at the detail they still aren’t that great. By the time you convert them down to a single 32 bit compressed value, any minor detail they had has now vanished. So in the end I did a bit of fiddling in the shader and generated a noise pattern based on screen position and then used this to modulate the source texture, well I modulated the power, this actually works very well and gets rid of about 99% of the banding issues. Didn’t fancy a conversation with the tools guy anyway.

Today was once again cold, but fairly nice. The cleaners failed to turn up. I had to phone them, apparently a van broke down, it would have been nice if they had phoned, coming tomorrow instead. Walked to the gym and did Pump. Walked home, did a bit more work. Finished touching up the skirting.

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