Back to ‘flight ready’ status

So started this morning with coffee and breakfast, then had a poo. Drove up to Staverton, when I got there only Stuart and a student was there. They departed shortly after, I was the only one left, I said I would steal anything. I was just left with about 10 million quids worth of helicopters in the hangar and all the keys. James turned up, it had been a long time. We had a chat and got going. To be honest it was a bit like riding a bike, I started up and did all the radio calls without much thought, I was out over the Malvern’s in 10 minutes at 2,000 feet. We did a few off site landings in fields and then a few auto’s. Finished with a couple of circuits. I actually felt very relaxed and in control. I don’t think he was too thrilled that I did that safety course, as it can kind of put people off, but actually I think the education made me feel more confident within myself. No solo today, but we have plenty booked for next weekend, the object is to get to about five hours solo by the end of it. Then we will start doing cross country.

Came back and had lunch, the went off Geocaching for three hours. Came back and had another bash at those light bulbs. An alternative did arrive today, but in comparison to the Easybulb stuff it was crap. So with some serious brute force I made them all fit, and I’m very pleased with them. Did a couple of hours of studying, pleased with how thats going along. Had a bath. Now it’s almost midnight so must be time to start cooking.

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