I worked on my arms and did some culling

Spent the work day, well, oddly, working. This was on some culling. We have a reflection map which is very busy, it contains everything in about 300M. This is a lot of stuff. What I ended up doing was adding a heuristic to only put in big objects, but make it logarithmic, so the further away the are the bigger they have to be. This dramatically cut down the CPU/GPU time for it. Will have to tweak the numbers several times I expect to be able to avoid pop-in. Went for a run.

Went to the gym and did Pump, followed by a session with Laverne. Worked on arms, they need a lot of work. Came back and worked on new helicopter video, this is a cut of the Vegas flight. Got the first pass done, second pass tomorrow I expect. Then it will need colour balancing and effects adding.

Not sure whats happening this weekend, probably all a bit weather dependant.

Uploaded a new video ‘Walkies’. We attach a GoPro to Sasha and take her and Dillon for a walk.

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