So I’ve cancelled Stuart, we just really didn’t gel

Still working on GPU stuff, tidied up quite a few bits. Got a few more ideas to try tomorrow. Also need to look into why some audio is eating up a shed load of CPU time. Managed to get the correct video clips into a new project for the Vegas heli video, also found a good audio track for it.

Now I’ve been thinking about this carefully for a while, so I gave Heliflight a call and cancelled Sunday’s flight with Stuart. Nothing against him, but somethings just been bugging me about that last lesson, I just wasn’t really gelling with him. I don’t know if it was perhaps I found him a little bit condescending, where with James you always felt a little bit more like he was just there for the ride and to stop you killing yourself. It’s more of a bit of self discovery within limits. So instead I’m now booked in with Jon on Thursday evening. He is the owner of Heliflight, he also taught Richard Hammond, so must have some patience with erratic people. No idea if or when James will be back.

Weather has turned shit, suppose it must do at some point. Went running in the rain, it was kind of refreshing. Lots of work to get onto tomorrow, plus Pump and a session with Laverne.

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