“With great breasts, come great responsibilities”

So had a very sleepless night. Got up at 6:30. Took Dillon to daycare, he was very happy about the whole concept, from waking up, to almost pulling my arm off getting out of the car. Drove home and went back to bed. Then I had a very strange dream. We were on holiday in Turkey. Then suddenly a load of soldiers dressed in very old fashioned uniforms turn up with rifles. Then they keep pausing and start shooting at birds. I’m disgusted by this. I then start writing my trip advisor review. I woke up, admiring my pecks, Jamie stares at me, partly comatose. I say I’m staring at my breasts. He says, “With great breasts, come great responsibilities.”. Which is quite deep and funny for the fat whale like creature. I got up.

Work wise was all about weather and grass. Finished with grass, then on to rain drops. There was quite a lot of room for optimisation here which was pleasing. Went to the gym and did Pump, I gave it a bloody good shot. Came back and did more work. Did a bit of a late one. Going to relax a bit then head off to bed.

Tomorrow I have Zumba, or running, weather dependant.

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