One new t-shirt and a new vest, all set for the holiday then

Spent the bulk of the day trying to get a console to talk to a PC ‘tweaker’ app. Getting it connected wasn’t so painful, realising that it didn’t support 64 bit systems as it was passing pointers in network messages was. I’ve left it to the tools guys, after hours of pissing about I really was getting nowhere. Have an interesting idea about GPU optimisation, shaders seem to be slower if they use ‘discard’, but may be I can get some speed back using a branch to cut out all the processing in the middle. Had a bit of a major headache by mid afternoon so took Sasha out for a walk. Then ordered a nice vest off Groupon and a t-shirt. Then continued with work and associated head ache. Had a bit of a rain storm but that thankfully cleared by early evening, then went out for a run. Another great time. Doing about eight point two miles in just over an hour.

Finally ordered a keyboard for the iPad air, well you wouldn’t want me to go to Turkey and not update my blog now would you?

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