“It’s a unisex aftershave”

Considering the amount of cheese I ate last night I started work fairly early this morning. Once again it was anti-aliasing and alpha to coverage. Managed to get quite a nice stipple effect produced by the hardware so settled with that. Then got EQAA in and all working. Finally the rest of the day was about performance profiling and testing. I’m still do data builds now to test. All in all quite successful, all looks very pretty.

Was quite a nice day today, if a bit nippy. Went to Pump, it was back with Laverne, so at least we did Pump this time. Did some PT afterwards, needed to work on the arms.

Managed to get my Blu-ray writer to work, it was a dodgy power supply. I’m just moving media from one drive to another at the moment, it’s almost a terabyte, so it’ll be going for a long while yet. I’ll try the writer tomorrow.

Jamie came up with a fantastic quote earlier, banging on about fragrances, he said “This one is very floral, but it’s meant to be a unisex aftershave.”, which is on hell of a concept.

Bath time. Go shopping tomorrow, then Sarah and Shaun round in the evening.

There will be a new video release tomorrow.

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