I’d rather jack than Fleetwood Mac

Yesterday was mainly catching up on sleep, followed by dog walking and shopping. The shopping ended up being a single purchase of a bath tub plug chain, I kid you not. Came back and tidied various areas as Sarah and Shaun were coming round. By the time I’d had a shower I of course picked them up late.

The evening went the usual way of much drinking, pizza eating (the spicy pizza was just superb), taking the piss out of mother and feeling my sisters tits. Now this probably requires a bit more explaining but thankfully lots of video footage was taken. This is now sat in my dropbox and at some point I will edit it into some kind of video.

This morning was our anniversary. So it started with me making my own breakfast and then watching Russian boy porn, as there wasn’t any action in my bed. Jamie was listening to some ‘Stock, Aitkin and Waterman’ compilation CD. The Reynold’s Girls song came on…”I’d rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac”, more about that later.

I got up after reading the paper and made eggs, well boiled them. I also finally added the annotations to the new video and made that live. I then cleaned out the dog’s pool and refilled it, which is always a challenge when Sasha tries to consume all the water from the hose. I had my eggs then headed out. Today was indeed a beautiful day. I mean total blue skies and not a cloud in them. I got my GPS out and put the latest Geocaches file on it and off I went. There was a new local one so I walked to that, then got in the car and relocated to Tockington. Only a few miles away, but nasty roads by foot. Then I was off. Spent a lovely four hours finding another six Geocahces. Was really nice to get back into it again, it’s great to be outdoors.

Came back and did the accounts and printed out a load of holiday stuff. Ordered some t-shirts. Had a bath, read an entire ‘flight equipment catalogue’, oh the joy. Jamie then started going through his latest purchases for the holiday, including more vests and a pair of blue shoes. I pointed out that I had two pairs of shorts, six t-shirts and the shoes I would be wearing and that was it. I changed the bed, as I fancied getting into one later with less mud content. Somehow the conversation got round to Fleetwood Mac again, he said he’d never really heard of them. A bit of Googling later he realised he’d actually heard quite a lot of them, including of course ‘The Chain’.

He’s now cooking. I wait in anticipation….drinking a lot of wine to numb the taste.

Link to new video “USA Road Trip – Part 2 (The Out-takes)”.

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