So two days down, eleven to go

Yet another fairly sleepless night, think I finally dropped off about 5AM. Started work vaguely on time. Tested a load a stuff I had from yesterday then spent the bulk of the day fixing a rather bizarre bug with a ring buffer. Anyway, got there in the end. Missed a parcel, postman I think got frightened off by the dog. Went for a run, pretty good, I’m always within a minute of the same time which is a bit strange. Came back, had a shower, did a bit more work.

Ate salad. So it’s now eleven days until the holiday. So nothing but salad, tea, coffee and water until then. Jamie is on this weird liquid diet, so I thought I’d make a bit of an effort. Plus I’ve ordered Speedo’s, so need to look good in them.

Sasha off to daycare tomorrow, Dillon off to the vets, then I’ll be off to Pump.

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