Liz babbled, I stared in the mirror

Had a very very restless night, got up multiple times. Eventually got up and started work. Nothing too exciting today, some more shader changes. Also fixed an annoying problem to do with rain. Took Sasha out for a walk. Went to Combat this evening, I do love standing at the front staring at myself. Came back, drank protein shake. Edited new video, I’m going to split it into two as it’s a bit long and rambling. Also today is the first day of my ‘thirteen day detox’. So no booze until we are on holiday now. Also no pizza. So it’s salad and low calorie stuff for the next couple of weeks. Just looking at trunks on Amazon, need something to show my fantastic body off.

I’m going to bed to read ‘Air law’, if that doesn’t send me to sleep then nothing will.

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