Today I held a mans organ, and now it is mine

Last night was a bit strange, I got woken up at 2:30AM by Jamie saying, ‘You look well nice in those pants’, what followed can only be described as predatory rape. Then two minutes later he jizzed on my face, how rude. Had breakfast and coffee, then it was on to painting. Applied first coat of the base layer, then left it to dry for a bit. So made a new video, that will be released Christmas day, it’s a rant one, it’s about a certain type of food. Did the second coat, then walked the dogs. Then it was on to the third coat. I then had to take a short trip up to Gloucester to take a mans organ, but that’s all to do with next years challenge, so more on that later. Came back and it was finally time to start some present wrapping. Which is all a bit crap really as apart from the wine for my mother everything is Jamie’s. Had bath, now time for a curry and the final of ‘The Apprentice’. Busy day tomorrow, and last gym session as well.

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