Primed suspect

Had a haircut booked at 11 so needed to sort things quickly. Had breakfast and the life saving coffee. Then primed the bathroom ceiling. That was pretty straightforward, went on like water. The problem with that was it then ran down my arm and down my back. Didn’t really worry at the time. Took about half time, needed a bit of sanding as well. Then decided to jump in the shower as I had dust in my hair. Bloody hell, the primer had done it’s job on me. It was like peeling off fucking glue. And for the rest of the day it was going everywhere. Still, if it works as well on the ceiling as it did on me it will be great. Had my hair cut. Went in the pet shop. Came back and had a light lunch, walked the dogs. Popped in the vet and bought a pheromone defuser which cost a fortune and I’m sure will do fuck all. Went into town via the reptile place and picked up some substrate. Got a voucher for the nephew. Picked up some new tracky bottoms (okay, a bit chav, but in the evenings they are warm and comfortable). It was very busy in town. Came back and did the accounts. Busy day with painting tomorrow.

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