I think Vicks ‘First defence’ does actually work, but it really wrecks your throat

So last night I got very hot, very frustrated and coughed a lot. I’d been going down with some lurgy for most of the evening, coughing away. So I’d been jamming large amounts of Vicks first defence up my nose. I’ve used this stuff a hell of a lot in the past, it causes a micro-gel to form in the back of the throat and then flushes out all the crap. It does work, you will cough a bit and your nose will run, but it never really develops into anything. The only problem with it though is when you breath it in it trickles to the back of the throat and that burns like hell. Anyway, didn’t sleep at all. Got up at 6:30 and took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed and managed to get a couple of hours.

Work was all about jpg’s. Basically loading them as textures. I then had a load of stuff to do on content management which I can’t really go into. It’s not exactly exciting, but stuff that needs to be done. Picked up Sasha again. Went to Pump. Weights back up to a good level again now. Came back, did protein shake and a lot more work.

Time to update the server and WordPress.

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