Stop burying my bedroom furniture in the garden you freak.

Had a very odd dream this morning. I was actually in the spare room. It’s fine we haven’t had a falling out, Jamie seems to have developed diphtheria or something. Oddly it only occurred after I’d bummed him, was fine up to that point. He then had a bunged up nose and started snotting everywhere, never knew I could shoot that far. Anyway, he was coughing and sneezing for England, sure he gets some kind of allergy whenever he gets home after being away. Probably dog hair. Back to the dream. For some reason Jamie was burying all my finest bedroom furniture in the garden. This is very odd for two reasons, one, I don’t have and decent bedroom furniture and two it would involve manual labour which we all know Jamie doesn’t do anyway.

Spent the bulk of the day doing an SDK update which is still on going, need to change a hell of a lot for this one. Walked the dogs. Went to the gym and did Pump. Only did it on light weights as I wasn’t really in the mood and also didn’t want to over do it. Now I guess it’s time to phone mother, that’ll be depressing.

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