I cycled 38 miles, Jamie went to Nando’s

This weekend has really been a bit of a recovery and catchup. Had problems sleeping Friday night and din’t really get some good sleep until midday Saturday. We then went shopping. I bought a new phone (well it didn’t actually cost anything, but another 24 month contract, HTC One M8). Bought some expensive t-shirts. We then went out in the evening with my sister, which was good as always, some nice food too.

Sunday, well I got up vaguely early. Mowed the lawn and picked up the dog poo, put down a bit more grass seed. Then I dug the MTB out, oiled it up and pumped up the tires. Had a quick lunch then cycled 38 miles to bath and back. Was good, haven’t done any cycling for a long long time, need to get back into it again for sure. Need to get the bike serviced, it’s making some odd noises. Came back, Jamie had got out of bed and been to Nando’s with Callum. He still hasn’t changed the bed. Fixed up all the accounts and paperwork. Good to go for the week ahead now, holiday is just a distant memory.

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