Sometimes all that’s required is an early night

Woke up this morning at 6. Stayed in bed until about twenty past, then took Sasha to day care. Went back to bed. Got up at just gone nine. There was plenty of work to get on with, a demo was being prepared so it’s always chaos. Managed to sort out most problems early on. Cleaners arrived. Made lots of noise. So I went out for a nice long walk in the sun. It was a very pleasant day.

Came back and they were still here, but left soon afterwards. One hell of an improvement. They may even get paid this time. The only thing they forgot was the inside of the microwave. But considering they managed to transform the bathroom so you can actually navigate round the sink, I’ll forgive them.

Did more work, then went to Pump, Trudie was back, so no car crash like last week. I worked on my arms. Came back, had my protein shake. Did a bit more work and then some video editing. The new one’s really funny, I keep giggling over it. It’s only in the rough edit stage at the moment. I’ll release it in a couple of Fridays I expect. There’s a new helicopter one out this week.

Ordered yet more stuff off Amazon, including a road map, in case the satnav dies. Also a cover for the MacBook Air. The only thing remaining on the shopping list now is a portable hard drive. Just waiting for one to pop up on EBuyer on the daily discount.

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