Finally everything is booked

Work was dull, but fairly productive. I haven’t had a great week with it to be honest. Walked the dogs. Went to Spin.

Then finally sat down and sorted out the last of the bookings. So got both lots of theme park tickets and tickets for Broadway show. I also changed up a bit more cash now the exchange rate is pretty mega. So that’s it. Apart from I think eight days of hotels, all the food and all the fuel, everything is paid for. Purchase wise I think I now have everything apart from the portable hard drive and a shit load of pills for everything. I think I need to have a go through the finances tomorrow and work out where I am. USA road trips and helicopter lessons are beginning to empty the coffers at an alarming rate.

Tomorrow I’m going to go Geocaching if the weather holds. Not sure about the gym, closes early, but may try and do a session with Laverne.

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