Someone finally took the bloody radiator

So this morning was thankfully back to a full week. Started reasonably on time. Today was trying to upgrade an SDK, which actually went okay. The problems came later when on multiple levels I was getting an annoying black screen. Something’s cocked somewhere, ran out of time today, so one for tomorrow.

Took the dogs for a walk in the rain. Someone had finally taken the radiator outside. Note to self, if you want someone to steel something, don’t make it bloody obvious and write ‘scrap’ on it. There was more chance of it walking if I’d locked it in a bank vault. Anyway, gone now. Wonder how long the next one will take.

The dogs have finally destroyed the hall carpet, so that will need replacing. Out with the carpet tiles again I think.

Jamie has gone to Nando’s with ‘Game of Thrones’ boy. We had Nando’s chicken last night. It’s also taken him about two and a half hours. I’ll check later if he put his nice pants on. He’s come back in a good mood, very suspicious.

Booked my class two medical for next week. I think I have a good idea for a vlog. I’m sure everyone will hate it.

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