Happy 80th

So yesterday we somewhat meandered for a bit before having breakfast. It was then a quick trip to Tesco’s to pick up a couple of bits and the sorting office. Came back and packed up, then took the dogs to the kennels. Swung back and picked up our stuff and then we headed down to Bournemouth. It was a horrible drive, it was pissing down and the roads were flooded. Took about three hours in the end. Got there just in time for a shower before descending downstairs to the bar. It was Jamie’s granddads 80th birthday party. Met lots of family I haven’t met before as well as caught up with a lot of others. We see each other very rarely. Meal was fine, I set next to a couple of teachers who were lovely. We did have one odd chap on our table, I couldn’t decided if he was nice or just a bit of a dick. I stuck the beer, I was fine, ordered room service.

Next morning we got up for breakfast no problem. It was then lots of hanging around while various photographs were taken. Eventually managed to leave just gone eleven with another three hour journey. Picked up the dogs, had some lunch and then took down all the Christmas stuff. Cleaned the couch, which considering it has two dogs clambering all over it, it’s in perfect condition. Put the new gyro in the CX2, works beautifully, had it hovering in the kitchen no problem at all, need to take it outside for a good play. I tried one of the same gyro’s in the CP2 but it wouldn’t initialise so I’ve gone back to the stock 3-in-1 so will try that with the new transmitter setup. I’ve had it taking off okay, so again, need to play with that outside.

Right, just put everything in the loft now, then bath and food time. The first normal week starts tomorrow. Back to combat as well, looking forward to that.

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