So potentially in 48 hours I could be dead

Spent most of the morning building data and pissing about with GUI tools which kept running out of memory. Then did a minor render optimisation and finally finished off the day drawing black borders around a resized GUI. Today was bloody cold. Was going for a run but it was pissing down, so went to the gym and did it there instead. Came back and stabilised both barrels of wine, degassed, added the first lot of finings. Second lot will go in tomorrow. Then just need to wait for it to clear. Then it’s ready for bottling. Need t find somewhere to put it all then, that’s close to 120 bottles in total. Need to go to bed and study a crib sheet on R22 technical data.

Oh one pain in the ass thing that happened this morning. Couldn’t access bugger all. BBC news, weather, nothing. In the end traced it to DNS screwing over. Not sure if they’ve changed policy to stop different ISP accessing it, but in the end I just deleted the DNS entries and set it up for forwarding, this seemed to have got shot of the issue.

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