So I’m going to jump out of a helicopter with a parachute wearing a lifejacket and armbands, maybe not

So today was all about the GUI. More specifically about the GUI and Guassian blur. And boy did it piss me off. Spent all day buggering about trying to stop it blurring one bit and blur something else. Multiple rewrites. Still wasn’t gaining ground.

Heard from Captain James, Thursday apparently looks good. Spoke to Rob, said I may be taking a few hours off Thursday as the weather was looking okay for a specific purpose. He enquired more. I said I needed to parachute from a moving helicopter. And then managed to milk it considerably more. I added that it needed to be done wearing a life jacket and arm bands and that the hardest thing was not setting alight the canopy with the flare. He then asked about the weather, I said, “Well you don’t want get blown on to the M5 do you?”. I kind of gave up at that point.

Went to gym and did Combat. There were four of us. Very intimate. Came back and had another attempt at blurring, this time it was more successful. I hate GUI.

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