So I was shown round the car showroom by the brother of the guy who owns the local Indian

Yet another fun night of not much sleep. The guy who owned the local Indian introduced me to his brother, he showed me round the car showroom. He decided that I should have a Ford Puma, which is odd considering it was a Vauxhall garage. Then he introduced me to a Chinese woman who got the Insignia VXR up on her computer. I’d only decided on the colour when I woke up. Had breakfast, did a bit of reading. Got up and picked up dog poo. Had a couple of boiled eggs. Then we loaded the dogs in the car and went to the Hollyhedge fund day, dog show. We had a wonder round, I entered them both into best rescue. We got a fifth for the two of them. Also one a couple of bottles of wine in the raffle. Came back and went for a run. I fixed the kitchen scales, they were full of water. I took them apart and cleaned out the inside. Took them into the bedroom and Jamie said, ha, I thought you were going to dry it out with the hairdryer. I dried the insides with the hairdryer. Put it back together and it worked fine. Had a bath with a large orange squash. Then watched the Monza Grand Prix, which was actually quite good. Got another sleepless night ahead I’m sure.

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