On the run

Okay, so I’ve probably gone through this multiple times, but today I was sat by the kiddies pool, mainly because the amount of kiddies here is pretty much zero. There was one small German child who was stomping around the pool, the mother kept on apologising for the splashing. I went to the bar where I had a very ‘pigeon’ conversation with a Russian, a German and a Pole. We were being served by a Turk. None of us were exactly stunning, we were all over hanging our trunks, wishing we were thirty years younger. The fun thing is, not one of us wanted to declare war on the other, no one turned around and said I need to rule you, I want all your natural resources. The conversation was about the weather and if the vodka had been watered down. This morning at breakfast a German man poured me an orange juice, I had no need to occupy his country. We really don’t need wars. What we really need is all the top brass to spend a couple of weeks at an all inclusive hotel in Turkey. Here they will learn the most valuable lesson of all….tolerance. Here you will find all nations, just getting along. The Germans will pour you an orange juice, the French will open a door, even the Russians may decide that perhaps you were in front of theme for the queue at the bar. Everyone here is an equal, the world should be more like this.

So back to today. I actually woke fairly early. Got the towels on the sun beds. I went down for breakfast, I had some cereal and a banana. Booked the Italian for tomorrow night. The day mainly consisted of studying air law until midday, then reading Jeremy Clarkson until the sun went down.

I must admit, I’v been in a bit of a downer today, I think it’s because it’s kind of hump day, so hormones are raging. Bring on tomorrow.

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