So Robin Williams could face life either

While not being able to sleep again, Jamie broke the news to me that Robin Williams had just died. He had committed suicide. He once said, “I checked my self into rehab in wine country, so I could keep my options open”. There was a man who had everything, but suffered his own personal demons. He’s found a way out for himself, but left a lot of other people suffering. I finally got to sleep about 4AM.

So woke up still in a mood. Still, I did have a load of work to get on with, so got on with it. It kept me going for a solid eight hours, with a minor sandwich interruption. Stopped at about 7PM. Went out in the rain and ran about eight miles. My legs now hurt. Again. Couldn’t get James on Saturday, so booked on Friday instead, about time I had a stupidly long lunch break. Had a shower, ate salad. Think I may enter a half marathon somewhere, I seem to be running one daily anyway.

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