Premonition or dream?

I woke up at 6:30 to take Sasha to daycare. The news was on the radio. There was a helicopter crash, a military one on night operations, all four crew killed. I came downstairs and the dining room was covered in poo. I think actually it was Sasha as Dillon is somewhat more accurate. I called Jamie down to clean it up. I gave Sasha her breakfast but she only ate a small amount. She seemed fine anyway. Took her to daycare, no problem. Came back and washed the floor. Went back to bed.

Then I had a weird dream…..I was flying with James and we were doing an autorotation from 3,000ft. For some reason we were carrying a giant pallet on the end of a winch rope. All was going to plan until I spotted a load of pylons, then I panic’d. James took over and we flew under one, then there was a big bang and the helicopter landed in a heap. We both got out alive. But I remember looking back round and seeing the large pallet dangling from the pylon. I’m flying Saturday, I’ll look out for pylons.

The cleaners arrived early. I started work. Was more preparing data and updating tools. I didn’t get to any interesting stuff until this evening.

Jamie was at the dentist, he came home a couple of hours later with GoT’s boy and a new phone. They were both wearing matching trackie bottoms and looking fat. Breakfast at Nando’s no doubt.

Went to Pump. We did the new one, it was fun, but painful. Came back and did more work. Had salad.

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