I’m officially depressed and have anxiety issues until the end of July

Spent the bulk of the morning trying to ftp data to a server. I lost count of how many retries it took. Then spent the rest of the day working on optimising constant buffers, which again is as thrilling as it sounds. Actually it was rather frustrating. Walked the dogs.

Then it was time to go to the doctors for my ‘medication review’. Twenty minutes late (him not me) we then spent ten minutes discussing how to land a helicopter with no engine. Then I got a repeat prescription for my own bodyweight in Prozac until the end of July. He then said when I come back he probably won’t be there. To which I instantly said, “Well that’s a shame, but we all have to die sometime.”. He then explained that he wasn’t planning on shuffling off the mortal coil, but was in fact retiring.

Went to Spin. That was fun. Came back and stressed over constant buffers again. Finally sat down. Still degassing wine. Still haven’t done my storyboard for my video and I want to shoot it on Saturday. Which I’m supposed to be flying on as well. Also need to get carpet tiles. May postpone that one for a week.

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