I now own a whiteboard

So this morning started off very lazily. Don’t know how many times I went back to sleep. Took two cups of coffee to boot the system. Decided we really must sort this trip out, so thought the best way to do it would be to scribble it all on a whiteboard. Problem is we didn’t have one. So rather than get into DIY which I wasn’t in the mood for we went into Staples and got one. Came back and picked up the dog shit. Then had boiled eggs.

Finally decided it was time to do some DIY, so I’ve painted the door frames and the skirting in the hall. This is really temporary until I do the hall properly. It really all needs stripping back and redoing. But this will make it tidy so I can attach the beading. I took the door off the cloakroom and planed it down a bit. Will need to do the door strip and fit the door back. I’ll do the kitchen skirting next week. God knows where the flooring is.

Installed latest version of FCPX on MacBook. Also put Photoshop CS6 on here as well as the final cut plug-ins. Had a bath. Made a curry (it was in a jar, not as nice as mine). Now sat down and the whiteboard still hasn’t been used.\

Oh, I uploaded part 2 of ‘The Boyfriend Tag’ video, this is the one where Jamie asks me ten questions. Give it a view. ‘The Boyfriend Tag – Part 2’.

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