So started this morning like a normal Saturday. In bed. Read the paper, cruised porn. I saw something I found very disturbing last night on Facebook. It was posted by a 15yo kid (who is a friend of my nephews which is why it was on my feed). He was doing a ‘neknomination’, this is where you dare one of your mates to do something silly with alcohol. Alcohol is not something to be messed with, especially if you are fifteen. He poured a can of larger into a pint glass, added vodka, milk and then a raw egg and drank it. I’m sure he then spent the rest of the evening yakking up in the bathroom.

I walked the dogs, had lunch and then decided to shoot a new video. So I set it up in the kitchen and filmed it all. I then popped out, got some crickets and walked up and down Gloucester Road in the rain. Haven’t been there for a long time, have no desire to go there again for a long time.

Came back and edited the video. Did the accounts. Drew a jazzing penis on Jamie’s side while he was asleep. (Yes I have a photo). I’m now going to have a shower and make the food.

I’m still off the booze, not that it’s making any difference to my weight. My stomach hurts, but I think that’s more to do with Laverne and her personal training than anything else.

Here’s the video ‘No-Neknomination’ AKA ‘How to enjoy tea’.

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