There is nothing quite like cattle class on First Great Western when the air-con has broken down

So this morning started far too early at around 6:45AM. The dogs thought they were going to daycare, they were so wrong. I had a coffee, rebooted and then headed to Parkway station. Since they’ve built the new car park, parking is now a breeze. Collected tickets, got on train which was bang on time. Journey was fine, I read a magazine. It was the express, so only had one stop before London. The ticket was almost a hundred quid and there were eight people on the carriage. There is something very wrong with the train system. Got on the tube, made it to the office by 9:30. I can’t go into detail, but lets just say, people turned up, but it took a good hour to get the PC and console all up and running which was a little embarrassing. But I did have plenty of questions to fill the time with. Thankfully it all worked in the end though and we were able to carry out various profiles. There was supposed to be another meeting in the afternoon but that got canceled, so we ended up going out for lunch. Time was rolling on, I pegged it back to London Bridge and then back to Paddington. I missed the bloody 15:45, so grabbed a ticket for the 16:15. Sat on the loo for twenty minutes (I paid my 30p, I wanted to get my monies worth). Then headed straight for the train. Sat in coach ‘B’. It soon packed out, so there was standing room only. It was getting rather hot. The air-con in the carriage had broken down. I then spent the next hour and a half in a sauna. Got to Parkway at 6PM. Pump starts at 6:10. I’d already sent a text to Laverne saying I would be late. So hammered it back home, let the dogs out and then headed to the gym. I got there halfway through the back track, so I’d missed the warm up, squats and cheats. Afterwards we had a private session, I lifted some fucking heavy weights. Good to see the body is getting back in shape after the holiday. I’ll keep doing weekly sessions again now with Laverne, you do feel really good afterwards.

So yes, the entire day basically was taken up with two train journeys and a meeting. How the hell people can commute daily to London from Bristol I will never know. It’s a) Very expensive and b) Very unpleasant.

No idea what I’m doing tomorrow yet. Sunday I’m going flying for the first time in ages. Don’t have my usual instructor, he’s off on his hols.

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