The longest today, no wonder I’m quite tired

So this morning I stayed in bed probably a bit too long. Jamie had vanished hours before, didn’t even hear him get up which is unusual. Read the paper, had breakfast. Then I took the dogs to the field. They had a great time, tired them both out. Had some lunch. Was feeling very tired still, it’s very hot. But drove over to Cotham and walked into town, popped in a couple of shops and walked back again. Came home and had a nap. Then cut down some the greenery outside. No longer have a green bin, so have to do it in stages. Did all the accounts. Did my expenses. Paid for various software which needed upgrading and now added everything to my nice ‘tax deductibles’ spread sheet.

Tomorrow I have flying, which I will enjoy. Followed by a BBQ at Jamie’s dad’s, which I won’t.

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