New York, New York, so bunged up with traffic they named it twice

So we woke to our final day in New York. It was sweltering again. We didn’t have to check out until 3PM. I went down to ‘floor four’ for coffee and muffins. We then ventured out to Times Square, and went to the ‘Body Worlds – Pulse’ exhibition, which was the one by Gunther Von Hagens. This was small but very interesting, lots of plastinated bodies and body parts. Afterwards we went to ‘Macy’s’ and bought pants.

We then wandered back to the hotel, finalised packing and then checked out. The shuttle was already waiting, almost two hours later we arrived at JFK. Checked in and then had dinner. Flight back was painless, it was only six hours, one Martin Scorsese film later and a couple of documentaries and we were back in London. Had to pump the car tyre up again then drove back home.

It was still on one piece. The servers had all worked flawlessly. The grass has shot up nicely. I unpacked. We then collected the dogs which were fairly happy to see us. We then had a long nap for a few hours. I had a bath. Watched some F1 then went to bed. Tomorrow it’s back to work….

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