Left a bit, left a bit, right, fire

So this morning started off with attaching a large wooden beam to the window wall. I tried sanding, that wasn’t going to happen. So I would have to manually scrape away the plaster to make it level. It was time to drive to Staverton, for some reason I was just full of negativity. Got there early. James was out with someone else in an R44. I was chatting to David for a while. Then I did have a bit of a pop at James saying that we’d been two flights away from solo for the past nine hours and I was getting very bored of doing auto’s in the circuit. I think then he caught on that he needed to do something more a bit proactive. So he checked my medical certificate and all the exam stuff. He even cleared the aircraft for solo student flight. We then did a couple of circuits and admittedly the first one was fairly awful then after that they were pretty much all perfect. We then did stuck pedal problems and governor failures. Got to the point where he actually said I was fully ready for solo. But just to be ironic we did finish with a couple of auto’s. So the next flight, depending on weather will be about a forty-five minute warm up, followed by one circuit, but that circuit will be by myself.

Drove home, picked up the petrol cans and got fuel. Then loaded up the car and went to the tip. Came back and had boiled eggs, picked up the dog shit. Then got on with grinding down plaster. This took a long time, but it’s now neigh on perfect. Then it was up into the loft trying to find the perfect position for the extractor fan. This required a lot of poking a screwdriver through the ceiling. A bit like battleships but with lots of rock wool lagging getting in my face. Found a good place eventually. That was enough for today.

Oh, I need a bathroom fitter not a plumber….these are about four times the price of a plumber, but generally just as stupid.

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