After all these blogs and YouTube channels I still only have one fan….

So decided to get up vaguely early and go down the electrical wholesalers and pick up an extractor fan. So that was done, called into B&Q on the way back and picked up some multi-finish. Took the dogs over to the vets to weigh them and realised why I never walk them together anymore. Came back and did the required plastering. The window is now straight going inwards, even if it’s out by about 5mm at the bottom, that can be made up with adhesive, the 15mm it was out before couldn’t. I could straighten it up some more, but I don’t think it’s really worth it when everything else is pretty much done. Added a few extra blocks to the end of the bath side so it doesn’t rattle so much. Filled in everything else that needed to be filled. Put some filler on the crack in the ceiling. Cleaned everything up. So now I have a bath full of crap to get rid of, but at least it’s all useable again for the time being.

Did the accounts. Now have to go and play the wicked uncle and check the nephew is behaving himself. So tomorrow it’s flying and then the extractor fan. I may stick a straight edge up against that window side as it will probably annoy me somewhat otherwise. May very well be the last time in a helicopter tomorrow, see how it goes.

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