Ill, tired, ill, tired, tired ill

Yesterday I woke up and felt like complete shit. I didn’t get up at all. I think I had breakfast at about midday. Work was right out. I ended up staying in bed all day and just reading a book. If I moved from the bed I felt awful. I did get up in the evening and have a shower, watched a bit of telly.

This morning I still wasn’t great, so didn’t get up until about 3. Did some work in the afternoon and evening. Slowly beginning to feel more normal now. It’s now almost midnight, just eaten. I’ll relax a bit then go to bed. It’s daycare day tomorrow, but the cars out of petrol and I doubt I’ll be much in the mood, so Dillon will have to stay in. Need to do milestone builds tomorrow which aren’t the most exciting, but will require little interaction.

I’m reading an odd book at the moment, ‘The Wasp Factory’, can’t remember who it’s by, but it’s strange. About a boy who had his genitals bitten off by a dog. Just over halfway through.

Anyway, time for self promotion, follow me on twitter @mannmansion and don’t forget the new YouTube channel mannmansion.

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