Continuity Errors

So today started mainly in bed and continued there for quite some time. I’ve got a bit of a cold, so wasn’t too bothered about getting up. Got up half way through Elaine Paige. Started on the carpet tiles. Realised that I didn’t have enough of them so had to pop to B&Q again. Came back and laid them all. I’m sure the bloody dog will dig them up again.

Retired to my lair and finished editing my third YouTube video. Yes, I actually edited it. It was good fun, not sure I’ll do any more soon but I enjoyed it and it made a nice change. Jamie I’m sure hates it’s and would like to crawl into a small hole and die, so I guess there are some advantages. Anyway, check out my masterpiece here.

I’m going to have a bath, followed by chicken. Probably wine. No, definitely wine.

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