I’d forgotten how fun father daughter bonding can be

Today was a bit strange. Mainly caused by going to bed at about 10PM last night. So up quite early, breakfast and coffee. Then it was pretty much into paint mode. Did the fourth coat of the bathroom. Then I needed to wait a couple of hours. After the disappointment of the Juno being a bit fucked I decided to strip it down. Two hours later and it was all stripped and the contacts had been cleaned. Then it was on to the final coat. Cleaned up the dog poo. I was going to go or a run, but decided it was too cold. Then thought I’d go for a walk. So got all ready. Sasha was waiting by the door looking hopeful. I decided to harness her up. We went to the field in Almondsbury, it was a bit muddy getting there, but when we were there it was fine. She walked there beautifully, but still quite excited. I checked the field for any other dogs and we had about ten acres to ourselves. I let her off her lead and she bounded off into the sunset, I could just make her out on the horizon. I walked round the field for ten minutes. I then shouted out her name. She dutifully darted across the field towards me then sat down immediately in front of me. I attached her harness. She gave me the look of ‘thanks for that, really enjoyed it, we should do that more often’. We walked back, it was now getting dark. When we got home Dillon had been walked by Jamie around the block. He’s a lovely dog, but doesn’t have half the intelligence of Sasha. Drank coffee and then rebuilt the Juno. Fucked it up a bit and had to take it all apart again, got it right the second time round. Now all sixty-one keys are working perfectly, I even managed to find a supplier of the volume control, so I’ve ordered that as well. Had bath. Now going to sit down and watch some telly. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with an old friend.

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