I really did buy an inflatable Jesus

This morning started fairly early, Jamie went to work. I removed the sink out of the bathroom and started coating the wood with paint. Sooner rather than later it was time to head of for Lunch with carl. It was the usual round of six monthly catch-up accompanied by a rather large burger. After two hours of rabbiting it was time to go. Stopped off in B&Q and picked up wood to reinforce cabinet. So got back home and got on with it. Several hours of sawing and shouting followed. It’s still not quite finished, but it’s well on it’s way now. Need to get that finished off tomorrow morning, then need to do a bit of a tidying spree. Mother coming round for tea. Need to make videos and all sorts of stuff. Practiced Mr Numan again, almost got the hang of it now. Apparently according to Carl, Ableton is the way to go, and it’s on sale at the moment, so may look into it. After it, it is tax deductible.

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