I got some cool FCPX plug-ins

Started late, well finished late last night so didn’t mind. Bit of a dicky stomach as well, but that soon passed. Cracked on with work. An interesting day on that, now all the grunt boring work has been done I’m on to the frustrating debugging stuff. During some dull compiling moments I looked up some Final Cut Pro X plug-ins. I wasn’t happy with one section of my video, I wanted a shatter effect for an explosion. After a good Google I found a company that specialises in FCXP plug-ins. As usual with these things they seem to have a permanent discount available. I ended up getting three in the end, shatter, smoke and fire. I got the exact effect I was looking for with plenty of scope for playing around more.

Went to the gym and did Spin. Gave Laverne my power bill to see if she can do it any cheaper. Had a chat with her about doing the Friday thing on a regular basis. Came back, finished off work and then did some more video editing. Determined to get it all done by the end of the weekend. I’ve got a few ideas for some other videos.

Bloody cough seems to have made a bit of a come back, wish it would piss off.

I still haven’t charged this MacBook Air.

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