12mm Laminate, eat through that kiddies

So this morning started with lots of sleeping. Followed by breakfast and a dog walk. Had lunch. Was going to go into town but it looked like the apocalypse was about to start so headed to B&Q instead. Spent ages looking at laminate flooring, this is what my life has come to. Finally spent about a hundred quid on three packs of the stuff together with all the tools.

Then visited my mother, first time I’ve seen her since Christmas. She’s still irritating.

Came come to find the dogs have chewed another floor tile. If they can eat laminate flooring I’ll be impressed. Can’t lay it yet as it has to ‘acclimatise’ for 72 hours. I’ll rip up the old carpet instead and do some preparation. Also have a new letter box to fit on the outside.

Done the accounts. Got our USA ESTA visas. Got Jamie a driving license. Think I’ll have a quick bath. I’m cooking tonight. Will hopefully edit my new video tomorrow.

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