You’re not sticking that in me

Just to show how strange my mind works, yesterday morning I had another one of my dreams. I was with a guy called ‘Danny’, now this was someone who I was at school with, but he was killed in a car crash when he was about 18. It was a real nasty one, car went over a cliff, was identified by dental records. Anyway, he was trying to jam a metal pole up my arse. I kept shouting at him, saying that he need to put a condom on it. Then after a while of prodding I said I would contact his dad who’d given me his business card, he was apparently a bishop.

I got up. Went to Tesco’s and picked up some beer. Forgot to buy tomato’s.

Came back and got on with the dining room. Basically it was sanding down bits which weren’t neutralised properly after the paint stripping. Took near enough all day, but done in the end.

Had a shower and then got picked up by Andy and Lisa. Tried to sort out new year, came up with something but that doesn’t look like it’s available now.

This morning, being a Monday I started somewhat late. Then got on with looking at ground cover and the joys of material replacement. Spent near enough all day on that.

Walked the dogs in the rain, it was very cold.

Went to combat. Did a home check for a pair of kittens. Came back and did a couple more hours. Material replacement now all works. Still quite a few other issues to sort out.

Oh, watched a set-up video on the Honeybee V2, I noticed that one of the servo’s on mine is upside down, no wonder it wanted to destroy the dining room. Still learnt a lot, ordered spare parts.

Jamie is working nights this week, so it’s just me and the dogs.

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