Don’t fly in your dining room

Today I decided to have a bit of a ‘me’ day. So sod everyone else, I’m going to do stuff for me. So started off with a bit of a lie in, watched some videos. They were helicopter set-up videos, not porn. Popped out to the sorting office, collected a parcel (sanding blocks) and picked up a paper. Came back and walked the dogs. The had lunch.

Then I moved the dining table and cleared the area. I then spent the next couple of hours trying to set up the four channel heli. Learnt quite a lot about setup and control. Managed to get it to hover. Managed to wreck part of the landing gear and part of the dining table. It’s surprising the force that builds up in the rotor. Eventually managed to adjust it to such a point where I lost part of one of the bars. So not a crash as such. I tried one of my spare CP3’s. This seemed much more stable until I whacked the fridge and screwed the blades and bent the main rotor stem. Never mind, this is my ‘practice’ copter. Next step is to fix this and the other one and change the receivers so I can use my DX6i transmitter. I can hopefully set them up a lot better. The good news is I had a lot of fun.

Then spent the next four hours tidying my office. Filled three bags of rubbish and one box for the charity shop. Now have a shelf for all my helicopters and controllers and a drawer for the spares. Plus everything now looks tidy.

Did the accounts.

Good day. Enjoyed it.

Now going to have a quick bath and then cook. Tomorrow it’s DIY day, then we are going out in the evening.

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