You have a figure like the rocky mountains

So yesterday started off with getting up vaguely on time. I decided to take the dog on a bit of an adventure, so off we set to go to Almondsbury by the garden centre. She really enjoyed it, except for the bit going under the motorway where the echoing sound put her out somewhat.

Came game and then did the shopping. On the way I stopped off at the Bradley Stoke community festival which seems to get smaller every year. After ten minutes I resumed the shopping. Also did a home check for a cat, all fine.

Had lunch then disappeared off into town, failed to do anything useful. Came back and did the accounts. Then we were picked up by Andy and Lisa to go to their place. We sat outside and drank then ate a Chinese. Then sat outside and drank some more until it got cold. Came in, where promptly our hosts fell asleep. When asked to describe Jamie’s body, Andy described it as ‘a bit like the rocky mountain range’, I was highly amused. We got picked up by a taxi that never did any less than 60mph anywhere.

This morning we woke up and then motioned to Ikea, where Jamie bought some expensive lights. We then went to B&Q and bought a posh chimera thing. Then went to Tesco and bought some garden furniture. We came back, I picked up the dog shit and had some lunch. I then vanished off to do a bit more geocaching. Searched for six, found five, pretty happy with that. Came back and Jamie had attempted to assemble everything. So that all required re-assembling. Go the BBQ going. Andy and Lisa arrived. We ate much meat. And some very spicy chicken. A good evening. The heater thing worked well. And that’s another weekend over with. And another one I failed to do any DIY on.

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